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Fairport woman arrested on animal cruelty charges | Crime

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Fairport woman arrested on animal cruelty charges

The mother of a Fairport woman is defending her daughter after allegations of animal cruelty. Police says the woman facing charges is 42-year-old Cynthia Scheithauer.

The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office says Scheithauer left her dog and cat to starve to death in a trailer where she used to live in Lyons. 

Neighbors say it's been weeks since they've seen Cynthia Scheithauer at her trailer, but they never thought she would leave without her pets. Sheriff's deputies arrested her at her mother's house miles way in Fairport. They say she was staying with her mother and left her pets to die.  

A Wayne County cruelty investigator says he went into the trailer off of Old Lyons Road and found a deceased dog and cat. He said he believes the animals were left behind months ago. He turned the case to the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department after the discovery. There were a couple of past due notices on the trailer earlier Wednesday and a number of cats were still roaming around the house. 

Cynthia Scheithauer’s mother is standing by her daughter while neighbors are upset this happened right under their nose. 

Marian Scheithauer said, “There is no way. The puppy was nine months old when she got it. She took that puppy every place. She loved that puppy.

Leslie Mosher, neighbor, said, “If I knew the puppy was in there, I would have let it loose let it run free at least have some kind of freedom to go get something to eat or I could have put food out but they didn't have nothing in there at all.”

Cynthia Scheithauer's mother says her daughter left the animals in someone else's care, but police say it was still her responsibility to make sure they were taken care of.

Scheithauer was issued an appearance ticket and released. She will go before a judge within the next few weeks.


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