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Woman arrested after ER cop-DWI crash says she was "thrown down" by deputy | Crime

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Woman arrested after ER cop-DWI crash says she was "thrown down" by deputy
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Woman arrested after ER cop-DWI crash says she was "thrown down" by deputy

She volunteered to talk after after her East Rochester police friend was charged with DWI. But when she wanted to leave she said a Sheriff's deputy threw her down and she says she has the bruises to prove it.

Sergeant Paul Monachino was arrested for DWI early Tuesday morning after a crash with a minivan that injured three teenagers.

The Monroe County Sheriff's Office says a friend of Sgt. Monachino, Coleen Morrello, tried to take the fall for him.

Sheriff's spokesman John Helfer sais 41-year-old Coleen Morrello came to the scene of the crash and told police that she had been driving.
She was taken in for questioning and, according to Helfer, a "scuffle" broke out injuring a female deputy.

Morrello is charged with harassment and resisting arrest and more charges are pending.  

Today, Morrello spoke with News 10NBC. She declined to talk about the accident or the allegation that she tried to tell Sheriff's deputies that she was driving Sgt. Monachino's pick up struck.

But she was willing to talk about her arrest.

Here is what she told us.

Morrello: She didn't like my answers to her questions and I asked to leave. I asked for an attorney. I was denied everything. I was there again on my own and voluntarily and when I asked to leave, because I told her I was finished, she told me I could not leave. I said I'm here voluntarily and at that time I got up out of my chair and I said I'm done. I'm done. And with that I was thrown down to a table, had her knee in the back of my leg, sustained several bruises in the front of my leg, back of my leg, to my arm. And handcuffed me so tight I have no feeling in my thumb.

Brean: Did you get physical with her?
Coleen Morrello: No. Not at any point did I ever get physical. I was told harrassment can be you even pointing a finger.
Brean: Did you point your finger at her?
Morrello: I just went like this. (waving her index finger in front of her face). I said I'm done. Done.

Brean: Can you show us some of your bruises?
Morrello: This is the one where her knee went into me, all the way around to the front where the table hit me.
Brean: Do you have any marks on your wrists from the cuffs?
Morrello: Marks here. Marks here. I don't have any feeling in my thumb.

Brean: Are you in pain right now? Do these things hurt?
Morrello: Yes. She also took her foot to the middle of my back and stepped on my back.
Brean: Were you fighting back all at this point?
Morrello: Not one bit.

Morrello says she has complained to the Sheriff's office. She is also looking to hire an attorney.  

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