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Leap Day baby: Meet Ella | Families

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Leap Day baby: Meet Ella
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 Leap Day baby: Meet Ella

Leap Day is February 29. It only comes along once every four years, so News10NBC wanted to see what this special extra day means to people in our area.

All babies are special, but when you’re born on Leap Day, people might say your extra special.

Little Ella Kosiorek is special. She is one of very few babies around our area born on February 29, a day that only comes around every four years.

Samantha Kosiorek said, "I’m actually totally fine with it. It’s totally cool. It’s just a day."

The chances of being born on Leap Day are 1 in 1,461. Those born on a Leap Day usually consider themselves special or unlucky, forced to wait every four years to enjoy an actual calendar birthday. That means babies born today won’t technically celebrate their first birthday until 2016.

But News10NBC had a question, why do we have Leap Day? Steve Fentress from the Planetarium gave us the answer.

Fentress said, "The basic calendar has 365 days in it, but the real earth takes all 365 and1/4 days to go around the sun. So to keep the calendar in step with the seasons, we add an extra day almost every fourth year."

New parents weren’t the only ones excited about Leap Day. For several places, an extra day of business could only mean one thing.

Steve Hozket runs this small sandwich shop off of Main Street. Like many businesses in the area, this extra day could help out significantly. Especially those hit hard by the economy. It was all smiles at Hozket’s sandwich shop today, as business was booming more than usual.

Hozket said, "Maybe people figure they have extra money to spend extra money. What can I tell you?"

Back at Highland Hospital, Samantha Kosiorek was putting a positive spin on being born on Leap Day.

Koserick said, "She can be very young for a long time if she chooses to only celebrate her birthday every four years."

Mom says they’ll be sure to celebrate every year. Did you know someone born on Leap Day can be called a leapling?

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